Ambatoloaka is in the south-west part of Nosy Be Get away to Ambatoloaka Seaside resort with white sand that is about 2 km from end to end, beach with white sands and gives you along the time needed to swim, sales of handicrafts, massage, typical makeup in the manner of northerners, powder-based Turmeric and Kaolin. There is the place to start excursions in to the small islands of Nosy Be as Nosy Iranja, Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Komba and Nosy Sakatia. Ambatoloaka as in all the island inhabited lives by cosmopolitan populations, Malagasy of different tribes, tourists, French, English, Maorais, Comorians, Reunionese, Germans, Italians etc. We find almost all tourist services on the streets of Ambatoloaka, restaurant, hotel, excursionists, bars for tourists. There are also shops and in the roads as in the beach embroidery, sculpture, crafts, almost all Malagasy arts and furniture made of wood. In short Ambatoloaka is a very typical place for the activity, neither the day nor the evening, animated by the tourist activity, the Christianisn, the Muslims, and especially the bars and the discotheques in the evening until the dawn. It is a very open place to all adventures.