Meeting lemurs


Places: Antananarivo, Andasibe, Ankanin’ny nofy, Ankarafantsika, Ambanja, Ankarana, Diego Suarez, Nosy Be

Attractions: Lemurs & Chameleons, Endemic Birds, Fauna and flora, Beaches & Idyllic Landscape

Trip duration: 18 days 17 nights

Day 1: Arrival in Tananarivo

Arrival of the international flight to Ivato, you will be lulled by a warm welcome from our team and accompanied b y our driver, en route for transfer to the hotel. After the program briefing, you can take a walk around Antananarivo, see the famous Andravohangy market or visit the Tsimbazaza Park. Overnight at your Hotel BB or similar.

Day 2: Tananarivo – Andasibe

Starting the path on the RN2 with your companies. Drive to the private reserve “Peyreiras” located 60 km from Tana. You will discover many types of reptiles, amphibians, butterflies and dozens of animal species endemic to Madagascar. After, you continue to Andasibe Mantadia National Park, and move to the host. We will make a day tour of the National Park for looking about the famous “INDRI INDRI”, the largest lemur of the island. This park is very rich in fauna and flora, it is the most visited in Madagascar. Overnight at your Hotel in BB or similar.

Day 3-4: Ankanin’ny Nofy Palmarium

Early in the morning, after breakfast, you take the boat to go to Manambato. Sailing on the canal Pangalanes to reach Akanin’ny Nofy, you will be faced on a paradise between forests and water, between land and sea, a privileged relaxation place. After that, you visit the “Palmarium”, a unique overview of the fauna and flora of Madagascar, It presents a considerable collection of rare plants and animals in Madagascar such as xerophytic plants, orchids, reptiles, amphibians and lemurs of different species. Overnight at your Hotel in BB or similar.

Day 5: Tananarivo

After breakfast, drive back to capital. Admire the beautiful landscape during the path. Take a rest and relax in your Hotel in BB or similar overnight. Or the transfer to Ivato airport depends on the flight schedule. Our team take care of the smooth running of your stay as well for your good return After 10 days in the North of Madagascar

Day 6: Tananarivo Ankarafantsika national park

After breakfast, leave for the capital to a new discovery of lemurs on the road to the charming and carefree region Boeny showcase of fauna and flora, the park of Ankarafantsika. Equipped with a site arranged by facilities of Gites and Bungalows or simple accommodation according to your choice, overnight at your Hostel in BB or similar.

Day 7: Ankarafantsika

We continue the visit of the naturpark with dry deciduous forest, after taking breakfast in the morning. The park is consist of two botanical gardens, Lake Ravelobe, the canyons of Ankarokaroka and turtle breeding center. Visiting Ankarafantsika e Park is ideal to discover the different species of lemurs; endemic bird species and plants….. At dawn, we leave the park to set out for Marovato. Overnight at your Hotel in BB or similar.

Day 8: Marovato – Ambanja

At 9-hour drive from Ankarafantsika, Marovato is an exceptional village because it is the habitat of a rare endemic species in Madagascar. These are the “blue eyes Lemurs”, the lemurs with blue eyes, we can see them especially at sunrise, around 6 am in the village, where the zebu mooing is like the awakening of the villagers to wake up and go to cultivate. After taking pictures, we will continue the road to Sambirano, the village of Ambanja. Overnight at BAOBAB Hotel in BB or similar.

Day 9-10: Ankarana

Early in the morning, after breakfast, we will drive 2 hours to get to the National Park of Ankarana, known for the gray Tsingy, the reserve of Ankarana is a park where the flowers of a great variety and vegetations are in abundance to offer you the joy of living by being inspired the beauty of nature. You will find other species of lemurs, insects and reptiles. On the suspension bridge, you will have a fascinating view of the gray Tsingy, discover the cave of bats, Circuit in 2 days, enjoy the wild life in the wilderness. Overnight at your Hotel Relax inn Ankarana in BB or similar.

Day 11: Tsingy Rouge and Amber Mountain Park

After brunch, head north to join the tourist eco “Tsingy Rouge”. A protected natural environment, characterized by the sedimentary formation, due to wind and rainwater, composed of marl, laterite, limestone and sandstone, which make the Tsingy ocher in color under the effect of sunlight. Admire the extraordinary landscape of the canyons, you will also find pachypodiums, eucalyptus and other flora on the move. Photo shoots are inevitable. Because it’s a unique site in the world
After the 50mn visit in the surroundings, we drive to the Amber Mountain National Park by 1 hour. You will not find the smallest chameleons in the world which we called “Brookesia minima”, abroad than at Amber Mountain National Park. Please, do not forget your camera. Overnight at your hotel Nature Lodge in BB or similar.

Day 12: Amber Mountain – 3 bays

Depart for 3 bays after breakfast from Nature Lodge, you will enjoy the fresh air of the Joffre ville, leaving the lodge in the morning. With some views of the bay of Diego, admire the beautiful landscape and the view of the emblem of Diégo-Suarez: “The sugar loaf” recognized, the second largest bay in the world after that of Rio de Janeiro. Leaving the ecology, the bay of Sakalava, the bay of pigeons and the dune bay awaits you with its fine sands and wide beach for relaxing or activities such as kitesurfing, windsurfing,… Overnight at your hotel Case en falafy in BB or similar.

Day 13: Ramena – Emerald Sea

Around 7:30, after breakfast, you go down to the edge of Ramena beach and embark in a sailing boat for the emerald sea. A beach crowded with white sand and the emerald color of the sea, dives, fishing are the activities practiced without forgetting the photo shoots, the make-up gasy, the massages, face off seen from the Indian Ocean offering a landscape paradise of the site. The seafood is galore, everything depends on your greed. Back in town around 14H. Overnight at your Hostel Jardin exotique in BB or similar.

Day 14: Diego – Ankify – Nosy Be

Early departure for transfer to Ankify. Arrival in Ankify, you take the boat for thirty minutes and disembark at Nosy Be: “the island perfume” with an average temperature of 20 ° to 30 ° C. Overnight at the Hostel in BB or similar.

Day 15: Nosy Tanikely – Nosy Sakatia

During the stay in Nosy Be, you’ll visit the two islets: Sakatia and Tanikely. Sakatia qualified as a marine reserve where are housed turtles, multicolored fish, coral,… You’ll discover chameleons, birds or rare medicinal plants that you will encounter throughout your day. Then, you will take the heading towards the island of Nosy Tanikely (the small land), for an aquatic discovery in a magnificent protected reserve. You can practice Snorkelling on the site and you will be surprised by the diversity of aquatic species of all the colors. You will have a hearty lunch under the shade of badamiers on the island. Overnight at your Hostel in BB or Similar.

Day 16: Lokobe Reserve & Mont Passot

The reserve Lokobe, located 7 km from Hell ville, is a national park landsite and original specific to the island of Nosy Be. Dominated by different species of lemurs, you’ll see Eulemur macaco. There are also species of insectivores, ungulates, reptiles, amphibians, birds along the forest that you can discover if you’re lucky and coral reef at the park. You have Lunch in the city after visiting the reserve.
In the afternoon, drive to Mount Passot, a hill at 329 m altitude, surrounded by 8 sacred lakes and offers a superb panoramic view of the 360 ° Nosy Be Island. Admire the beautiful sunset at dawn on the panoramic terrace of the site.
Overnight at your Hostel in BB or similar.

Day 17: Nosy Iranja

After breakfast, with our team, take 1h30 by speedboat from Nosy Be to reach Nosy Iranja. You will be surprised by the two paradise islands with its turquoise blue colors, white paradise and green nature connected by a white sandbank. Then, You will see turtles come to lay in the sand and also all kinds of birds; terns, some varieties of herons and the passage of sea eagles. Photo shoots insured. Buffet lunch on tables in the shade of coconut trees (crab, grilled fish, kebabs of zebu and shrimp, coconut rice, raw vegetables, tropical fruits). Back in town and overnight at your Hostel BB or similar.

Day 18: Hell ville to Faseny airport

Small feedback of the stay to evaluate the services and transfer to the airport according to the itinerary.
End of our service.
And we say VELOMA!!!

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