Nosy Iranja is an island that is divided into two parts: Iranja Be and Iranja Kely.

Island full of magic, it is seen at first sight seeing the color of the sea when arriving, on its territory we see the majority NONI or “Morinda citrifolia” fruit of the health cured disease and helps the body to fight against degenerative diseases such as cancer and delays the aging of the skin.

An amazing discovery excursion, an unforgettable adventure on a small island at one hour thirty from Nosy Be with a private and secured boat.

80 – 100  € / PAX


  • Boat
  • Picnic lunch
  • Ticket
  • Municipal taxe
  • Some surprise


  • Snorkeling : Perfect moment to see the tortoise
  • Excursions : Excursions in a village on the edge of the white sand and the crystal sea with a turquoise color tellque the sea of ​​emeurode Diego
  • Relaxing : Relaxing by the sea
  • Ride : walk to the point of view to see the beautiful surroundings; 40 mn round trip
  • Photographie : Opportunity to take good pictures for data a brand image to your memory.
  • Discover : An incredible discovery tour, an unforgettable adventure.