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We take pleasure to organize your excursion to amber mountain national Park.

it’s one of the famous park to visit on the north of madagascar.
Early, by car we move to get Joffreville to visit the Amber Mountain Park.
40km from the city of Diego Suarez, the park is among the first park to have its national park status in Madagascar.
It consists of a primary rainforest at 1470m above sea level very rich on endemic species
a lot of waterfalls, crater lakes are the sources of wealth in water.
one part of water from the park is used to supply water to the entire city of Diego Suarez.
you can also admire to see in front of you
many species of lemurs, amphibians and the plants.
It ‘s also the cradle of reptiles, birds, ferns and ficus .
Note the presence of the small chameleon on the world, the uroplatus (or king of camouflage).

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Exchange with the population and picnic lunch in joffre ville .
animations and laughing on the program.
You will be proud of your adventure
Get your camera to celebrate the moment
and immortalize your visit .
All the pictures relive you again
the moment when you tell the story to your
friend, your family.
Please plan , come and contact us.