excursion diego suarez 3 bays

You travel with 4WD. You reach the 03 bays as sakalava, pigeon and dune bays through ramena.
On the way, admire the beauty of the bay,the Sugar Loaf and its history. Enjoy to take some memorable pictures.
A short visit is made to the endemic baobab and its secrets on the feet of French Mountain.
After, discovery the surrounding as dry forest, flora , Baobab.

visiting the lighthouses in Cap Mine, antiquited canon left by french army.

You en joy the beach and the marvelous of the bays

at Dune bay, walking to the pigeon bay, swimming and relaxing is the interesting leasures

excursion in diego suarez 3 bays
excursion in red tsingy

Animations and laughing are on the program.

at sakalava bay, all of the activities are possible . kitesurfing is also possible depend on the season

but need specific preparation.

After, the picnic lunch is prepared by a professional team in ramena.
so plan, come and contact us .