Excursion to the great discovery of the varied nature of
Diego and Nosy Be

Day 1: Departure Nosy Be to Ambanja

Cross to Ankify by speed boat,
After refreshing and briefing, driven by 4WD
directly to discover plantations of cocoa and some spices
For your curiosity, we show you the cocoa world class quality
and its secrets
Then continued with a visit to the village of healers
contacts with the local population
with a little adventure and cross with pirogue rising river Ramena
To reach the waterfall of the Good Father(bon père)
Under the magnificent view of the travelers trees
lush green landscape of humid tropical climate
Refresh and swim in the natural pool
Animation and laughter to the program
Pic nic lunch on site
Your need for variety is filled.
Back to Ambanja
Overnight in your Hotel ecolodge Ambanja

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Day 2: Ambanja to Ankarana National Park

Leave early in the morning , by 4wd to reach Mahamasina.
Visit the National Park Ankarana, one of the varieties
of the northern region of Madagascar. The National Park visit
Ankarana is a general discovery of Tsingy easily accessible and specific.
the aven or great outle of rivers: it is a very rare phenomenon.
In Tsingy field, there are caves (… ..) are home to bats.
There are various deciduous plants, unusually adaptable plants to drought.
The walk in the tsingy offers beautiful scenery and beautiful
point of view of Tsingy, such as the suspension bridge.
Lunch picnic with some crowned lemurs
Continue to discover the flora, there are exclusively local
endemic fauna such as lemurs, hapalémurs the uroplatus.
Sunset in a specific place. Making your stay unforgettable.
overnight stay in an ecolodge at Ankarana

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Day 3: Early departure to Amber Mountain National Park

Visit in the way the sacred lake of Antagnavo after red tsingy.
The visit of legendary Lake of Antanavo sheltered by crocodiles
in the village of Anivorano and then the discovery of a surprising
kind due to the degradation of the environment: the red Tsingy.
It is the art of nature, so amazing and unique.
Are not found elsewhere. Give him a wink.
After you finish your day by watching
The sunset with a magnificent view of Diego
Night in your ecolodge in joffreville

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Day 4: Visit National Park of amber Mountain to 03 Three bays, overnight stay in Diego

The northern region of Madagascar is naturally dry region but inside is a mountain range of volcanic origin.
The presence of a dense humid forest in this mountain is amazing.
This is exceptional and is very rich in fauna and flora, local endemic on the northern region.
It is home to lemurs, the smallest and largest chameleon in the world,
uroplatus king of camouflage, admirable waterfalls, surprising lake, beautiful panoramic views to the beautiful landscape.
After walking inside the cold forest, you go down to refresh and discover the bays
and marine beauty awaits warms a bit. Bay Diego is the second largest bay in the world
behind the Rio de Janeiro. You can find the sugarloaf called Nosy Lonjo being a place of traditional ceremony.
In addition there are still various small bays, the 03 bays each other startling
beautiful beaches with fine sand. It is also an opportunity to see both endemic baobab of Diego, mangrove forest
Back to Diego Suarez
Overnight in your HOtel

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Day 5: from Diego to Nosy Hara

You go on to know gradually the richest in diversity and beauty
of the amazing uncommon kind in the north. It includes land, coast and sea.
Following discovery of the earth’s natural beauty,
marine and coastal excursion offers you the admiration of an unforgettable holiday.
As the archipelagos of Nosy Hara.
Starting from Diego, you drive through Anamakia village, village of mangoes.
The salt production by evaporation of la saline. We arrive at Windsor Castle.
This is an ancient castle of the English troops.
Mount Windsor Castle is a wonderful place observatory at an altitude of 392m.
It offers an amazing panoramic view of 360 ° of the Bay of Diego,
the Indian Ocean and the Mozambique Channel. There are pachypodium and baobab.
Throughout the passage is flattered by the beautiful deciduous forest and steppe characterize a dry region. After visiting Windsor Castle, you reach Nosy Hara with catamaran.
Nosy Hara offers a natural wonder. The Brookesia micra is among the smallest chameleon in the world and a local endemic to this island. A beautiful beach with beautiful white sand awaits. The discovery of the island, snorkeling and swimming and fishing fish you indulge the urge much admiration.
Overnight in Nosy Hara, in tents or in the catamaran

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Day 6: Quiet Travel to Archipelago Mitsio

Leave, Nosy Hara and starting to cross the Mozambican channel along the coast.
Fishing Wholesale and discovery are combined.
We discover the beautiful paradise islands of Mitsio.
by the discovery of the extraordinary nature admirable islands,
large open aquarium. very nice places with clear water sea.
A paradise island surprising varied species of fish and multi colors give
the practitioner snorkeling immense pleasures.

Day 7: Nosy Mitsio to Nosy Komba

We leave our footprints on the admirable mountainous volcanic island
to another as charming verdant color home to wonderful covered beach of white sands.
The wonderful, unforgettable island of Nosy Komba or Island of lemur. It is unavoidable
An island of volcanic origin located between the large island Nosy Be and offers its extraordinary features.
The discovery of the fauna and flora among other ylang ylang, lemurs macaco,
turtles, snakes and BOA of Madagascar all located on the island is exceptional.
You finish by varnishing booths articles of Malagasy art gifts.
Back to Nosy Be.
End of our service.

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