Excursion in Nosy-be Madagascar

Nosy Tanikely

excursion nosy be tanihely

Your visit to this dream island is unique. Nosy Tanikely is nicknamed natural aquarium open sky near Nosy Be. This is a very nice island paradise with clear water .variety of fish species and multi colored quantity give divers and practicing snorkeling the fun. The island houses a magnificent idyllic beach with white sand where relaxation and sunbathing are providing. Nosy Tanikely just waiting for you to enjoy unforgettable
moments with respect to pure happiness.

Nosy Komba

excursion nosy be komba

A volcanic island located between Madagascar and Nosybe rises to 622meters.
She is. Luxuriant covered with dense humid forest. It offers varied fauna and flora lovers of idleness
and wild spaces, lemurs macaco macaco. Nosy Komba greeted you a wonderful carefree beaches