excursion nosy iranja be

This island is so beautiful, unique and special. It’s is a two small island (Iranja Kely and Iranja be) linked by white sand path during the low tide.
In the morning, drive by car to Hell-Ville to take a speedboat
Drive by speedboat to get Nosy Iranja for one hours
On the sea, admire the seascapes, don’t forget to take pictures
A lot of very Small Island are found along the way to go there
After few minutes you will be amazed by the beauty of this two island linked by white sand in the distance
Reach the paradise island, get off the boat and walk through the white sand
Many activities are waiting for you: relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, walking around the island
Walk up the mountain to enjoy the stunning view of the smaller island joined with white sand
Going back to the beach to swim
Lunch in midday, enjoy delicious sea food like shrimp, fish, and crab
Relaxation after lunch
Going back to Nosy Be

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