Favorable season: all year

Your excursion in Antsohihy
Antsohihy is located in the north west of Madagascar,
in the province of Mahajanga.
it is the capital of Sofia region.
Antsohihy means: “Here or there are lots of trees sohihy” (Rubiaceae) . This tree spilled into the area and used to build boats.
the city stands in the middle of the savannah with “satrana” and mangrove forest
among the interesting parts are history
and the beginning of the population Tsimihety

Antsohihy is a real cultural crossroads.
by the city tour, you discover some important places in the city
with the history of the town of Antsohihy, the mangrove forest, port
and also the importance of Satrana.

satrana field are in the surrounding
and used for making up.
bags and handicrafts.
so in this excursion, you go
Out of the city for a visit to Anahidrano,
the dam, the rest of the president’s residence
of the first Republic of Madagascar
a Historic Site.

After the satrana field,

visit the artisans and their workplaces to transform satrana to handcrafts and decorative objects.
animation and laughter are in the program.

It’s better to combine the excursion with others