Tour in North Madagascar: Nature & Beach combined

Trip duration : 7 days – 06 nights

Season: All year

Covered areas : The Northern region (Diego, Emerald Sea, Tsingy Ankarana and Nosy Be)

Transport: Vehicle 4 × 4, speedboat sailing boat with auxiliary engine

Towns: Diego Suarez, smal islands of Suarez, Mahamasina’s Ambanja, Ankify, Nosy Be

Highlights : Endemics nature: grey tsingy, red tsingy, waterfall, dry and wet forest, cave, suspension bridge, lake

Faunas: lemurs crowned, fulvis, macaco,

Reptiles: chameleons, crocodiles,

Birds: coua,

Amphibians: frogs,

Flora: baobab, euphorbia, epiphyte,

Reef and corals.

Activities: walking, shooting pictures, car traveling, animations and laugther, swimming and snorkelling in Suarez and Nosy Tany Hely.

Under the tropical atmosphere and in warm climate, this trip is rich in biodiversity discovery, especially snorkelling. You can discover endemic species around Diego Suarez and marine faunas and floras, Nosy Be, Antsohihy and Ambanja.

You will admire and appreciate the landscape varieties, the rich biodiversity characterizing the north region: the sea, the beaches, the Sugarloaf, baobab Diego suarez, cocoas of Ambanja/ Nosy be and also the primary wet forest , dry forest and  drought species and , tsingy, sedementary formation,  flora and fauna in the national parks, Ankarana and Nosy tany hely.

The flavor and taste of fresh foods : seafood, meat of zebu, fruits and vegetables from the northern region are the exceptional value of your stay.
and you can get many contact and immersion in the daily life of Malagasy makes them more memorable.
each day of your sojourn is animated by variety of our visit and surprises contact.

Of your stay of 7 days, you will be accommodated in ecolodge and charming bungalows, or tents according to your specific needs and ways.

The demand of price is free.Please contact us! we can suggest you some ideas of excursions depending on your choice and budget.

Tour details